This weird 3 candlestick pattern demonstrates how such combinations on the daily chart are big moves.

As the candle stick combination has context with significant support or resistance levels, then CONTEXT becomes very important.

Also these are Daily candles. It is also advisable to see what formation structure is completed with these 3 daily candles on the smaller time frame.

Below we have examples. LTC, ETH and BAT. Take note how we formed the formations as part of the 3 candle stick combination. Also when you look at the daily candles, we note the size of each candle relevant to the others.

In the LTC case, we have 2 bearish candle combination on the daily, at a key level.
We can see the following:
In the case of LTC, its part of a ascending wedge and a breakdown from it.
For ETH, is too has an ascending wedge breakout.
For BAT, we have a bullish continuation pattern, triangle.