Join us! Private 1 on 1 Mentoring sessions

The goal for this service is to improve your overall performance and to build up or improve you essential skills. To give you that confidence that you are ready and are able to confidently find those good trades (risk to reward ratio).

Note, We already offer online training courses which teach you the essentials (freely available) as well as subscription courses that help you put these essential elements together to find and make a trade, which we call a strategy.

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If you are still interested, then click on this link to register your interest. The link also outlines what is involved including the breakdown of the different packages (fees) involved for this service.

Join! Become an apprentice

For some, trading is more than a way to make money. It is a true calling. Apply to our Apprenticeship Program to work for an entire year with a pro trader.

This program will basically will basically put you in the inner circle with a mentor, professional trader and work closely over a period of time to learn all that is to be learnt in the agreed time.


If you are still interested, then click on this link to register your interest.

Join! Become an apprentice

We specialize in crypto currency trading and we are familiar with many exchanges. Having said that, many of the skills are transferable to the stock market and commodities.With our additional training program, its really about focus on your requirement for everybody has different learning methods beyond reading and watching video. Hence the one on one, live interaction via Zoom (desktop sharing) we can give you that special attention to complete your training or increase your level of understanding and experience as the aim is to tailor the sessions for your requirements.Obviously your time and our time must be used efficiently and so we start of having a discussion with you, prior to starting off. This is to ensure we agree on what is to be covered and to set the expectations which we will agreed upon before starting. Please watch the sample video’s to get an understanding what a session looks like.If your still interested, register your interest with the link supplied.