You made that decision to become a trader or a member who wants to learn, so be proud of yourself. 

Now here is a tip.
Pace yourself when you go through this course.


This group is built to give you the tools to become a successful independant trader. This group is built to facilitate your learning process, and is not a signal group
If there is a call of some sort THEN it is a bonus, but should never be expected. We are ready to assist you at any time and are willing to go to great lengths to help you become a better trader. The only thing YOU have to do is put in time and effort into learning by watching the streams on the website. Signals will not get you very far if you have the ambition to become a trader. There are two learning paths. You can choose to focus on one first, or combine them
Contenders streams are focused on learning necessary trading theory.Champions streams  focus on putting that learned theory into practice!
Our recommendation is to first work your way through the Contenders streams and then move to the Champions. If you prefer to learn per subject, then learning the modules are the best way to proceed. Every week two new exclusive streams will be streamed live, where you can study along and ask LIVE questions. 

Contenders stream: 
Every Wednesday 19:30 GMT+1
Champions stream: 
Every Sunday 19:30  GMT+1
The links for these streams will be posted 
30 minutes  prior within the Discord group



Make you way swiftly to your own learning environment

Connect to our Discord by clicking on MY PROFILE > ACCOUNT > Connect to Discordand start your journey!

Note: Some of the traders are very advanced. We understand this might be overwhelming.Always keep in mind this group is meant to help YOU become a better trader.Never hesitate or feel intimidated to ask a question or share a chart!

We can not wait to see you inside of the members area…Looking forward to meet you! 😊