This is my research over time on a number of elements that are observable facts. Its the intention of this post with additions over time is to help highlight to people to read the data and come up with their own conclusions. It will at least give enough evidence or information for you to start looking into it. Like the say, going into the rabbit hole.

I will also look at well known events and give another perspective from the narrative with genuine pieces of information.

Lets this section introduce information about the monetary system, the root of the hierarchy system.

Key points:
> Pyramid not complete without their god:
> The eye of providence – their all seeing eye of god. Has Mason spelt out hence connection with those letters to make a hexagram: Eye of Osirsi/ Nimrod/ Cult of the 3 horned god
> The pyramid and eye didn’t show up on the dollar bill until 1935. They started out as part of our Great Seal. FDR added them to the dollar:
> Novus ordo seclorum – in latin, A new order of the ages or 1 world order:
> ANNUIT An endless amount – COEPTIS A new empire – NOVUS Something new – ORDO A way of life – SECOLORUM To take from another.

> Triforce hidden in the bill
> MDCCLXXVI DECODED 1776 >  Illuminist Hidden Meaning in MDCCLXXVI (
> George Washington was a past Master

> The square is the working tool of a Mason
> The Key – Of the treasure – that unlocks the door to Masonry
> Number 13, 13 levels on the pyramid, 72 stones, 13 stars

You will notice that the single eye is promoted a lot in film and music media.
Eg Lord of the rings

MASON: Symbols and where