There are valid reasons as to why one would go with an EMA (Exponential Moving Average) over SMA (Simple Moving Average). But this is not the time. I will Just show you how I like to use 13 and 50 EMAs in hourly chart as part of my short-term signals to trade (part of the toolbox).

Best way to show is by an example:-

Bullish Trade:

a) Establish the overall daily trend, if it bullish then proceed.

b) Drill down to a shorter time frame and look for confluence with 1 of the 4 strategies we cover here. Their requirements must line up .

c) Identify and align which strategy best suited for your trend (Cradle, Breakout, Fibonacci, FormationStructure). If the price action is aligned to meet the requirements, apply the 13/50 hrly ema.

d) Ask the question, is the 2 ema’s lines closing in or staying apart? As per example Figure 1 below.

Always like to take a starter position. Once the trade starts moving towards the intended direction, add as it crosses a certain price point (resistance).

The chart below is of a company called Vicro Corporation ($VICR). Clearly the overall trend is bullish. Now what would be a good time to enter, so you improve your risk/reward, and at the same time not get whipsawed because of intraday moves

Example: Bitcoin on the 12 HRLY chart, or the DAILY is the main trend (refer to the charts below for this discussion)

We had a 12 HRLY uptrend until price action finds resistance. This resistance can be a reversal or consolidation at the time, but you will not know it.
For this discussion, we will not be covering profit taking or selling, just about this strategy.

As you can see on the chart, the green ribbon represents the 10/20 12 HRLY ema.
The chart on the right, with the yellow ribbon represents the 12/50 1 HRLY ema.

With such a trend, we will naturally revert to the Cradle method for any pullbacks for entry. 

Assuming you know nothing about the bottom structure of the chart, then one can just use the 1 HRLY 12/50 EMA ribbon to get your attention.

As you can see, its not a signal to enter but its a positive sign, so pay attention it says.

You will then look at the 8 or 12 HRLY chart, to look for an entrance to go long.

If one was to look at the 12 HRLY chart, we have the bottom, and then a breakout. The breakout shows that it breaks the bottom resistance level with 3 green candles, followed by a 4rth green candle, which equates to hitting a resistance again.
If you notice, the 3rd green candle equates to the 1 hrly 13/50 ema cross. 

It would be these 2 pieces of evidence that one should enter the trade. Refer to fig 1a)

If you look at the chart, you can see which 12 hrly bullish candle equated to the 13/50 1 hrly cross; Refer to fig 1b)

If one had experience in understanding this price action structure, you will take it as a bullish continuation pattern, be it a symmetrical triangle or ascending triangle with 2 touches to the bottom and 3 touches to the top, also meeting out break out strategy requirements.

(This topic is extensively covered in the subscription section (fee based). We go over this with the requirements and many examples, giving you a high ratio for success)

Left side is 12 HOURLY CHART
Right side is 1 HOUR CHART

How the 13 and 50 Ema strategy works

LHere is another example of the 13.50 ema cross over strategy. 
Coupled with the Corrective Wave triangle strategy, one can have a large margin of success.
Click on image to zoom in. Below are many more examples and the rules for this strategy is list above.