Here is a BITCOIN chart from a candle stick perspective only.
From the few charts here at different time frames, can you detect all the different variations or combinations of candle sticks that determine if its bullish or bearish based on what we are discussing in our training program.

The reference link is here 

From these 4 charts, we can observe the 1 hrly, 4 hrly, 8 hrly and daily charts with their associated time frame candle sticks.

Now, try finding the bearish and bullish setups and their associated names.

eg. where is the 3 black crows? where would you find it.

This chart has been worked through and candle stick combinations have been found. Can we do this on this time frame? No is the answer.
So what time frame can we use?

Now we go to the time frame that makes sense for this chart in terms of candle sticks. The 1 hr makes sense.

Having done this, go and practice on many live charts and if your doing the program, submit them to the instructor on Discord.