Exercise 1

How do you determine what time frame to choose from when it comes to candle sticks?

Do we look at the 1 hour time frame (TF), 2 hourly , 4 hourly , 8 hourly , 12 hourly or the daily chart for candle sticks.
There is no easy answer and there is no general answer.
The answer comes from the charts and what you can deduce from it based on initial investigation, that makes sense.

Observe this example:

Note on mindset
What is important is that many charts will not always make sense and make you feel confident, initially and sometimes not at all, even after investigating. What you need to do is find charts that do, that have predictability, sequence or rhyme about it. With such charts you need to find your groove, your comfort zone and this can change over time as you gain more experience. How? By doing many practical exercises.

The next pagelesson is the final part to this module with a final video. It will provide some guidance to how to use candle sticks for decisionstrades.