HBAR Crypto chart used here to find a trading style or strategy that works with these theme of 5 elements. 

We called it 5 elements to make it easy to remember and quantify.

The indicators can be added or accessed via Tradingview under SSARI profile.

The 5 major elements.

1) A nice flowing uptrend prior to the drop, but not necessary;
2) A formation that fits into the ABCDE elliot count;
3) A clear support level;
4) The indicators are in agreement;
5) A breakout from the formation;
6) A single bullish candle or a 3 combination bullish candle setup in the breakout is involved;

Bonus factors:
1) A nice flowing uptrend prior to the drop;
2) A clear Fib level acting as support; 
3) Once of the 4 well known EMA or MA on the daily having confluence on the support level.
4) 13 50 1 hr ema signal cross over in the formation or just outside it.
Prior to that the 10/20 ema cross over

The charts below are extracted from the video tutorial.

Note how we use the 1 hr chart to trade this however the 3rd chart shows you the 4 hourly perspective and that also re-enforces the sentiments of the trade based on price action.