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Live Market Scans

Exchanges > Binance, FTX and CoinGecko;
Top performing coins with a recognizable trend;
Short lists from the previous day or week; is our tool of choice;

We conduct a live scan of the crypto market every morning, from Monday to Friday. Once a week we also include the DXY index, SP500, Nasdaq and GOLDSilver charts. 
The live scans are regularly hosted on Zoom at 9am AEST which includes a link to Join from our website. Once you join as a subscriber, you will be given access to the zoom event page and also be notified via email. Each session is recorded and made available on this website.

The purpose of the live scan is to help accelerate your picks for the day to either trade or stalk. Many of the times, we use our discord group to update what’s found or discussed in this live session. 

The scan and short list is based on our set criteria checklist based on our trading strategies which are part of the online courses.

On occasions we might do the weekend live scan when its applicable.

This is a fast and efficient way to profitable trading.

Our Live Trading Floor members discord community group is a work in progress project as it requires time to develop people into proficient traders once they attend some of our online courses. Over time, it is expected each person will gain practical experiences which they can share and help the community with. Those who do the full coarse will have free lifetime admission to this forum. Hence we will be looking for people who have done the courses to become paid mentors for the future, to contribute and manage the forum. The goal, to eventually have a community full of paid mentors who can manage and maintain the platform for any new subscribers. And really a business that rewards itself or pays for itself.

But first…

The Live Trading Floor is exclusive to members that have learnt the trading strategies.

Get started today with our free trading course or jump straight in to our paid course to learn the 5 simple trading strategies.

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The live feed sessions have a desktop view of tradingview where they listen to the instructors accessment when reviewing the list.
– The sessions are recorded and posted as soon as possible on the website for the LTF group subscribers only.

For the non subscriber, they can view the video 2 days later.

This process of live scanning helps accelerate your picks for the day and the stalking list. 

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From Monday to Friday, every day during the week, from 9am to 10am (if required).

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