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We have a primary signal channel purely for signals and a shadow channel for community interaction.

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Understanding Trading Fundamentals

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Terms and Conditions

Membership Rules for Signal Services

> No member is allowed to share our content or signals from our services with anyone
> No member is allowed to insult other members in our Telegram shadow channel, no matter reason. The shadow channel is for interaction with members.
> No member is allowed to incite fear or greed on other members in our shadow channel, which may drive them to make emotional trading decisions that they wouldn’t others do. General good conduct and behavior is essential in our community, hence act accordingly

Risk Management

> Only risk what you can afford to lose, risk management is your responsibility. Therefore TradetoProspa in not responsible for any profit or loss generated by its members. As part of this service, we recommend you do a risk management coarse in trading crypto currencies. Many people offer this and we do as well as an additional service. If you are having difficulty understanding our signals and how to implement them, then please contact us for assistance.
( we provide a basic video on how to implement a signal > how to place your order and stop loss) 
> We recommend you place Stop Losses for every trade.

management of expectations

All members must consider themselves responsible enough to see trading as a probability game. There is no guarantees with price action. Our signals are based on trading probability in your favour, to make profit based on chart indicators. The main objective of our signals is to provide a good trade setup that has a good probability outcome (profitable on the long run), even with a couple of Stop Losses being hit in between..

What happens if you break the rules

Violating any of our community rules for the interactive channel (signal shadow channel) will result in a temporary or permanent ban from our channel.
Violating our signals channel membership rules will result in a temporary or permanent ban.
The first action you will receive is a warning if anyone complains, if our review justifies it.
If you repeat an offense based on your community rules, you will be temporary banned from the community
If you repeat, you can be banned 3 months or permanently. This does not apply to the TradetoProspa.Signal channel, only to the shadow channel.

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