This is a manual payment system. When you make the payment, we will then confirm the payment to our wallet and hence require information from you so we can decipher from other payments.

*Select one of the currency (Protocol) Address to make a payment and then fill in the form after you make the payment using what ever means you have.
Eg. Using a MetaMask wallet


USD₮ (ERC-20) 0x59E6232eb27d0b2c9fd0741E3ae814fDAe22409E

EUR₮ (ERC-20) 0x59E6232eb27d0b2c9fd0741E3ae814fDAe22409E

CNH₮ (ERC-20) 0x59E6232eb27d0b2c9fd0741E3ae814fDAe22409E

USD₮ (TRC-20) TJbVV5ig2mRRB8WbNKS1RR9eWHka6ckiyb

XAU₮ (ERC-20) 0x59E6232eb27d0b2c9fd0741E3ae814fDAe22409E

Tether payment transaction record

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