The program has 2 sections: 
a) the foundation section;
b) the strategy section;

The foundation section encompasses 7 modules that cover the 7 important elements of the chart.

Then we have the strategy section.
The strategy section requires you to have a good understanding of the 7 elements of the chart and hence our 1 on 1 zoom sessions will let us know where you are at before we recommend you to moving onto the strategy section.

Induction to the program
This module is where you start as it provides you with an overview to what this program is about.

1) Start from here with Candle Sticks

2) Support and resistance levels

3) Trends

4) Moving Averages

5) Fibonacci Levels

6) Divergence Convergence

7) Indicators

Elliot Wave Theory

Cradle strategy

Breakout strategy

Fibonacci strategy

Bump and run strategy

Inverted Barr strategy

Failed Swing Trade strategy

Head and Shoulders formation strategy

Program Overview