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Trading elements

We discuss a bit on Psychology, explore the Technology Tools, go over some Exchanges, List some references (twitter and youtubewebsites). 

Learn how to read the charts

There is a process to learning and we make it easier than most.

Here we have packaged the learning material to cater for the majority and for those who need more time as we understand people and if anything we want to impress you so you can join the program.We will prove to you, for free, that our packages are better than most for we cater for variations in peoples abilities.If your interest…click on the “Read More” button to proceed as what we offer and the details surrounding it.

Learn how to execute the trade

Its one thing to understand the charts but its another level to plan a trade. Here we provide education for the beginner and the moderate trader on the finer points to making a trade.

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Learn how to weather the storm

Risk management is just as important to trading for many people do make money but over time, lose it for they don’t understand the nature of the cycle in price action.Here we give lessons on what this is and how to plan risk management protecting your gains. 

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