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crypto strategies

We look at the many aspects of the tokens and assess it based on solid elements from a short term and long term investment value.

READING the charts

Learn how to read the charts in order to understand the price action story its telling

STOCKS, commodies and fiat

Our course caters for commodities and alike as the  principles for chart analysis are universal, with a slight adjustment in understanding the bigger picture.

Digital & classroom training

After signing up, you will have 1 on 1 booked zoom sessions to ensure you understand the navigation to the sylibus of the course modules.

Book a time with a trader

Contact us and we can have quick discussion about our offerings along with understanding what you want and need.

Trading elements

Explore our free self paced courses which are basic introductory to understanding the charts and to becoming a trader.

Learn how to read the charts

Our education program is packaged  for those who need are just beginners or advanced. You can start from a central point and navigate to your level skills. 

Learn how to execute the trade

Its one thing to understand charts and its another,  to plan a trade and then  execute it. Here we provide traders the finer points to executing a trade, with a plan.

Learn how to weather the storm

Risk management is just as important to trading as entering a trade. Having a plan to protect your gains is a strategy in itself. We teach you how to limit loses.

A few things we are great at


The slide presentation here only provides a limited sample of what our static charts look like, as part of the educational curriculum.

The samples are only to demonstrate strategies that are aligned.


 You will see we use indicators, heat-maps, tools and other platforms to our advantage, like TradingLite and Exocharts.


 We demonstrate our entry points and why, along with explanations.