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Our approach, 5 main points: 

1) We captured many live trading examples to support our trading strategies. Our online material is always ongoing, meaning we continue to include new material and if need be, upgrade presentations with more good examples and better presented. Today, we compile our own videos, and incorporate AI voice overs where its appropriate. Watch an example here on how we do it.

2) We don’t include stuff we haven’t checked or verified from a live chart and that we can’t correlate to our strategies with good explanations. There is a lot of free stuff on the internet but without context, its useless.

3) We use our own experiences in trading, to refine the strategy/s. We do this by reflecting on what was successful and what wasn’t, and at times, we provide both. We need to know why it didn’t work, why it did work and how we could have prevented it or done it better. A good trader should always review trades when required, helps home in those skills. Hence our strategies are well documented and have high success rates.

4) Value for money. We believe our business should go global and to do so, we must do well with individuals to spread the word and also build the brand based on results, not on advertising hype or promotions but actual results.

5) We have one on one sessions with the students over zoom (depending on the package). Usually the 1st 3 sessions are for free and anything after can be discussed as its not a one fits all approach. If you want more, there is a point where time is not for free, but its available once you sign up.

So what do you need to do to get on the Trader program?

 What is on offer for the Premium Package subscriber