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Our mentoring program is about you shadowing a professional trader.

What does this involve?
Twice a week a live Zoom session will be held for a small group of people for a 1 hour per session. 

What is the curriculum?
A seasoned trader (instructor) will chose recent charts (mainly crypto) and go through the review from a trader perspective, looking and identifying key areas of interest (trading opportunities). both on the macro and micro level.

What are the benefits of these sessions?

There is nothing better than watching a pro at work explaining price action. Repetition is the enforcer of good behavior or successful trades. The goal is for you to pickup the methodology or strategy over time (how to identify good and bad setups).

Are there samples of his work?

Yes, free online. However these live streams were not the focus of teaching people but they do touch on a few strategies and TA skills. However this service here, the goal is to teach you specific skills which is not for free. Here we have many sample video.


What’s involved?

You will first need to register your interest by going to the “Register Now” tab and fill in your details and select the “Mentor” option. Submit and then proceed with the payment.

Note: This is a week by week option, meaning you don’t need to be in a fixed payment contract. If you desire to pay week by week or sign up for more, the choice is yours

Next you will receive an email with the instructions on how to access the sessions and schedules. If you miss a session, you will have access to its recording. We will post the schedules ahead of time and the link in the email will give you the location of the zoom events area to view the schedulescalendar. You will receive a zoom invite prior to the sessions as well.

Just click “Join” and you will join the class. Note, you might have to install the Zoom App depending on your preferances.

The classes are held with only the instructor to be heard and a zoom chat feature is only your means to engage the instructor and ask questions. At special times, clients will be given a 2 way discussion function (voice enabled) where you can have the floor and speak directly and get everyone else to hear the conversation, a direct engagement with the student. But this will be planned ahead of the sessions in an organized way.

Regarding the schedule
We understand that we cannot fit into every persons schedule so we will have these sessions (small classes based on regions of the world) based on regions, if required. Its really dependent on where people come from and what’s appropriate from our perspective. As stated, each session is recorded for you to go over again.

Once we have a list of people, we will put a schedule together which will be outside the normal working hours so people can attend after or before work. Its why we ask you location to help us organise groups that fit the same time zone.

More information about the sessions

> The sessions will have the instructor explain why certain formations are bearish or bullish, why they are good or risky setups and so on. Basically demonstrating how to understand the price action story from a traders perspective. He will use the main elements on the chart (MA, Trend lines, Fibonacci level, Support and Resistance and Indicators).

> On a weekly basis, the instructor will pick a chart or 2 and go over it from a technical analysis perspective and explain price action. Obviously by doing so, you will then know what to look for before considering a trade in that area.

> The instructor is open to questions or suggestions on which charts to analyze. He will have case studies to reference from (on existing charts) and explain where the similarities are to make the point. He will respond to questions towards the end of the sessions.

> You will be able to watch and listen on his diagnosis on price action and learn from his technical analysis methodology on the fly. He will be your paid mentor or coach who will be there to help you put the fundamentals together and explain everything on a chart. For those who want more than 1 hour a week, then there are other programs we offer, under the “Training Courses” section.

It is our aim that over time you will benefit by shadowing him and adopt some good behaviors and learn some technical analysis skills along the way. It really depends on how much work you put in to prepare for such sessions as its assumed you will have some knowledge with the basic fundamentals of the chart, such as trends, support and resistance concepts, etc. If you don’t, there is plenty of information on the internet and here about these concepts.

Over time we hope that your efforts outside this program will benefit you when it comes to trading. If you find that you need more, as stated we have the strategy packages (courses) which teach you specific methods to make a trade, how to bring all the elements for a strategy, what the checklist is and how to find and confirm the probability of an outcome. Trading is about understanding the probability of price going up or down for specific scenarios.

This program is designed for those who have made up their mind to learn on their own but need that helping hand. We will give you guidance on the finer aspects of technical analysis or trading. However this program is not about giving trading signals or trading strategies for we have other services that cover that.

If your are still interested, go to the Register section and select the mentor option as your service interest and proceed to payment .If you have any question, then you can contact us via the same section and fill in the form and we will get in touch with you. 

If you are already registered and just want to make a payment, go to Pricing > Payments and follow the instructions.