This coarse is 1 of the 5 specific trading strategy we offer to teach which are based on a successful set of rules, a checklist (no emotion evolved) to bring about a successful trading outcome.

In this module, we provide you with the fundamentals as to what to look for in terms of a trade setup and how to approach to making this trade.

We have a number of running examples, study cases and video to reference by so you have no doubt about how it works and how it can serve you.

For those who do a premium package, we also provide a weekly live or recorded zoom session.
This strategy is based on a proven record, which is a trend based strategy. from 5 min to 2 day setup. Its not a strategy that should be used in isolation for larger time frames.

> Below is the sections of the course (a break down summary). 

> Overview
> Revisiting Trends, Moving Averages, Fibonacci fundamentals and convergencedivergence indicators
> What is the Cradle setup strategy
> Practical examples
> and a recap

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